i burned my candle and it dried with an uneven, pitted texture!

the uneven surface after a soy panda has burned is actually a naturally occurring characteristic of 100% soy wax. it may not look smooth, but it's a great indication that your soy wax has not been mixed with any other waxes.

the wick has a ball of soot at the end!

the natural lead & zinc free wicks used in soy pandas are very clean burning, but have a tendency to "mushroom" at the end. this trait is not bad, just trim off the excess buildup before you light your candle again.

my wick is small/tunneling!

if your wick appears too small or the candle's melt pool is not reaching the sides, make sure you are burning the candle at least 2-3 hours at a time and the candle is in a location that is not too cold/drafty. if the wick continues to tunnel, don't trim the wick next time you light it (just trim off any excess carbon). if you accidentally trimmed the wick too short, simply pour a little wax into the trash after you burn it and it should burn normally the next time you light it.

my wick is hot/flickery!

if your wick is hot or making the jar overly hot within a 2-3 hour burn, ensure the wick is being trimmed to 1/4" each time the candle is burned and that the candle not in an overly warm location. anytime the wick seems too high, hot, or flickery, extinguish the candle and trim the wick.

the wax looks weird on the sides of the jar!

wet spots or frosting are another natural occurrence in soy wax caused by temperature fluctuations, luckily it is only cosmetic and does not affect the candle's performance.